Belize Celebrates World GIS Day 2014

World GIS Day EXPO 2014

Our Annual GIS Day Expo held on November 12, 2014 made a record breaking attendance of 600 students. This year exhibitors introduce students to the real life field work of GIS. Sirdi engaged students with digitization and BEL interacted with students teaching how to use GPS devices and Mapping locations. In addition, there were fun games such as Jeopardy, Puzzles, Coloring corner and Darts. Students were amazed to learn how GIS is making a difference in their everyday lives. We even caught a few students discussing future careers in GIS! Keep a watch for our next GIS Day Expo.

Loretta Palacio, Managing Director, TBSL says “today’s event provided an opportunity for educators to understand the role of GIS in the classroom and how it can introduce a new way of learning. We would like students to leave the Expo with a clear understanding of how to develop their career paths with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and business education through GIS.”

What is GIS Day?
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