tbsl_lgEnabling Breakthrough Business Performance

TBSL is a Belizean solutions company that provides high quality, leading edge and cost-effective business solutions to the public and private sectors.  We offer business solutions in an array of fields including automated vehicle tracking (AVL), data management and analysis, field data collection, skills development, and spatial planning.

TBSL has combined experience in strategic planning, systems analysis, capacity building, public education, spatial planning, software implementation and development and implementation of web based applications.  TBSL is results oriented and focuses on improving efficiency and productivity in the pursuit of strategic objectives.

TBSL is the local distributor for both ESRI and Trimble.  As such we leverage the desktop, server, mobile and cloud technology developed by these companies in the solutions that we provide.  We also leverage the knowledge base of the strong network of companies in over 160 countries that focus on providing business solutions that are stable, proven and at the same time innovative.  Through this network, we are able to access experts and best practises in the array of fields and industries that require spatial literacy and planning, and timely decision making. This access to technology and content experts enable us to assess and address issues in a very timely manner.